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The recordings on this webpage are exclusively of Duet Concertina Players. Alan Day, the compiler of the 'English International' and 'Anglo International' CD sets had intended to follow up with a 'Duet International' CD set to cover all three main concertina systems,but unfortunately the project did not reach the release stage. To meet the demand for Duet Concertina recordings, Alan has set up a thread on where Duet Concertina players and people with recordings of Duet Concertina can post links to recordings. This thread will always welcome new recordings or links to any duet recordings you discover.

Recordings have been submitted in different forms, so this listing attempts to make each track available with a single click. In some cases you will be taken to another website, and this is indicated by a '(On Name-of-Website)' in the link. Those recordings without this marking in the link are hosted on this website and posted by either Alan Day or myself (Wes Williams) or were posted in the thread in a form that did not allow direct replay.

Vintage Recordings dating approx 1900 - 1970

Most of the vintage recordings below were released on 78rpm, so I have indicated the approximate dates of recording for each player. Electric recording methods were not introduced until 1925, so most tracks below will be low fidelity.

Alexander Prince (Maccann Duet)
This website has a page with large number of Alexander Prince recordings (dating from 1903 to 1927) which is continually expanding. You can view this page by clicking on 'Alexander Prince' on the black menu bar at the left.

W. Bramwell Thornett (Triumph Duet)
Recording dating from 1940.
Glory To God In The Highest

Archie Burgess (Triumph Duet)
Recordings dating from 1936 and 1940.
A Salvation Medley
Sweet And Low

Maurice Harvey (Maccann Duet)
Recordings made by Maurice's father Jim Harvey dating from circa. 1970 from a tape cassette compilation. Note that 'Track 15' may possibly be by another Duet player.
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 15

Percy Honri (Maccann Duet)
Recordings dating from 1904 to 1914.
The Swanee River Schottische
Popular Melodies
Entry Of The Gladiators
Song and Story
Barcarolle, from Tales of Hoffman
Rubenstein's Melody in F

John Hill Maccann (Maccann Duet)
Recordings dating from 1900.
The Coral Pearl Gavotte
'A Frangesa March
Recording dating from 1901.
'A Frangesa March (On Library Of Congress Juke Box)

Ernest Rutterford (Maccann Duet)
Recordings dating from 1918 to 1925.
Colonel Bogey
The Great Little Army
K-K-K Katy
Just A Baby's Prayer at Twilight
Four Little Blackberries
Missouri Waltz
Intermezzo, Cavalleria Rusticana
Waltz from Faust
El Capitan
On The Quarterdeck
Viscount Nelson
Sons Of The Brave
The Rickety Rackety Walk
The Night Patrol
Rustic Rube
Bercuse De Jocelyn
Le Cygne

Ernest Rutterford (Maccann Duet) with Lloyd Shakespeare (cornet)
Recordings dating from 1921.

Contemporary Recordings

Crane Duet

John Thornton
(Little John). John has a large number of photos and videos on instagram and adds: Each of these instruments has been modified (or in the case of the Holden designed) to extend the range downward. You might be able to hear a low B and a low A on the left hand towards the end of the B music in Belle qui. You can hear the low B on the left used several times in Abbots Bromley, and also the low B on the right half way through the B music.
Old Mrs. Wilson (51 button Dipper Crane made in 1985)
Belle, qui tiens ma vie(48 button Crabb Crane made in 1934)
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance(44 button Crane made by Alex Holden in 2019)

Marien Lina
Marien has a collection of videos on youtube and has chosen the following recordings.
Vallende Blaadjes(on soundcloud) (Crabb octagonal Crane 71 key duet built by Henry Thomas Crabb during December 1924)
Summertime In Spring(on soundcloud) (Lachenal New Model Crane 55 key with raised ebony ends. Made 1900-1904)

Mike Acott
Two Suffolk traditional songs from Mike Acott, recorded 25th January 2020, at Parham, Woodbridge, Suffolk by Adrian Revill.
Muckle Horses
Smokey Joe

Ruediger Asche
Ruediger plays a 45-button Crane that was made by Alex Holden and finished in 2019 with serial number 3. Details of the instrument are here.
Smokey Mokes (on soundcloud)

Hayden Duet

Daniel Hersh
Posted by Daniel. For information see here.
Lios Na Banriona with notes (On Google Drive)

Steven Arntson
Posted by Steven. For information see here.
Without Haste, Without Rest (On Soundcloud)

Jeff Lefferts
Posted by Jeff (Boney). For information see here.
At A Georgia Camp Meeting (On concertina.jeffleff)
Under The Double Eagle (On concertina.jeffleff)
Partita No. 1 for Solo Violin - Tempo di Borea (On concertina.jeffleff)
Tobasco - Rag Time Waltz (On concertina.jeffleff)

Didie Sendra
Posted by Didie (soloduetconcertina). Didie plays a Morse Beaumont 52 key Hayden Duet. See the original video versions (and more videos) from Didie on YouTube
Chiquilin de Bachin composed by Astor Piazzola
Roslin Castle Scottish traditional
Tivoli composed by Lydie Auvray

David Barnert
David says: "In all of the SoundCloud files and all but two of the youtube videos I am playing a Wheatstone 46-key Hayden Duet concertina built by Steve Dickinson in the 1980s (SN 60082). In the "Xotis Romanes" video I am playing a Bastari 46-key Hayden Duet concertina from the 1970s and in the "Nutting Girl" video I am playing the "Duettina" app (now "Hayden Duet System Concertina" app) on an iPhone."
David has videos on youtube and sound files on soundcloud and has chosen to feature these recordings:
Sous le Ciel de Paris (Under Paris Skies) (on soundcloud)
The Green Ship (on soundcloud)
Mid-Winter Waltz (on youtube)

Jeffries Duet

'Big Nick' Robertshaw
Posted by Jim Besser. For information see here.
Beer That Tastes Like Beer (On RememberBigNick)
Hell Ship (On RememberBigNick)
Procrastination Waltz (On RememberBigNick)
The Tailor's Britches (On RememberBigNick)
Hot Meat (On RememberBigNick)
Picking Up The Meadows (On RememberBigNick)
Five Foot Flirt (On RememberBigNick)
Posted by Richard Mellish.For information see here.
The Dying Stockman
Morris With Words

Julie and Gavin Atkin
Julie sings, Gavin plays a 52-button Jeffries duet in C. For more see their website
Autumn Leaves
Teddy Bear's Picnic

Gary Coover
Gary has a Jeffries Duet instructional video collection on youtube and has suggested the following recordings.He plays 50-button Jeffries Duet made by C. Jeffries about 1900-1910 which he bought in late 1978 or early 1979.
American Patrol (on youtube)
Wild Irish Rose (on youtube)
Miss Smith's Morris (on youtube)

Maccann Duet

Lesley Henniker (46 Key)
Arrangements by David Cornell (many available here).
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (On Soundcloud)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (On Soundcloud)
White Christmas (On Soundcloud)
Spanish Ladies (On Soundcloud)
Swansea Town (On Soundcloud)
Rule Britannia (On Soundcloud)
The Leaving Of Liverpool (On Soundcloud)
New York Girls (On Soundcloud)
Away For The Rio Grande (On Soundcloud)
Sailors Hornpipe (On Soundcloud)
Sunrise, Sunset (On Soundcloud)
Lemonville Jig (On Soundcloud)
Fanny Power II/ Star Of The County Down (On Soundcloud)
The Keel Row (On Soundcloud)
Moon River (On Soundcloud)
After The Ball (On Soundcloud)
Lord Of The Dance (On Soundcloud)
A Nice Little Waltz (On Soundcloud)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (On Soundcloud)
Side By Side (On Soundcloud)
Bye Bye Blackbird (On Soundcloud)
Besame (On Soundcloud)
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts (On Soundcloud)
The White Cliffs Of Dover (On Soundcloud)
Summertime (On Soundcloud)
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (On Soundcloud)
Tea for Two (On Soundcloud)
Cruising Down The River (On Soundcloud)
Georgia On My Mind (On Soundcloud)
In The Good Old Summertime (On Soundcloud)

Iris Bishop
Two Favourite Tunes
Around Midnight

Heather Minion
Bear Dance - Peat Fire Flame
Cafe Waltz composed by Eric Elsener
The Hopeful Farmer composed by Tim Laycock

Custom Duet System

Thomas Restoin
Thomas (Tona on has collections of recordings on soundcloud and youtube. He plays two custom duets made by the Dipper family around 2010-2011. One is a baritone and the other a treble. They both have 55 buttons (31 at right and 24 at left). The layout is inspired from the layout of the chromatic button accordion with a chromatic scale on three rows for the right hand. The left hand is a bit more complicated, and not a "mirror" of the right hand, and has three rows. He has chosen to feature the following recordings.
Rêve Bohémian Indifférence (on soundcloud)
Matins D'Automne (on soundcloud) composed by Claude Thomain
Carolan's Concerto (on soundcloud)

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