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1827Wheatstone move to 20,Conduit Street,Regent St, W.
1829Charles Wheatstone gains 'Symphonium' patent. A concertina like instrument is shown in the final figure, almost as an afterthought!
1844Charles Wheatstone gains 'Improvements to Concertinas' patent. The concertina is shown much as it is today.
Wheatstone publish the first known tutor for the English system Instrucción para tocar la Concertina
1846'Instruction Book for the Use of Learners of the German Concertina, of Twenty Keys and Ten Keys' by Carlo Minasi published.
1847Wheatstone listed as 'William Wheatstone, Concertina Maker'
1848John Nickolds with his sons and John Crabb leave Wheatstone to set up as concertina makers
1850Jabez Austin founds firm that is to become G.Jones
1851 Chid-29-5-1851.gif (8K) case1851.gif (10K) blagrove1851.gif (9K) regondi1851.gif (11K)
1856 WheatDuet56.gif (9K) wheat1856.gif (6K) Wheat_harm1856.gif (8K) Chid1856.gif (5K)
1860John Crabb starts his business at 3, Spring Street, Clerkenwell.
1861Death of Louis Lachenal.
Edward Chidley listed as an individual maker at 28 Store Street, Bedford Sq.
1862Death of William Wheatstone.
1866/8Wheatstone listed as 'Wheatstone & Co'. Edward Chidley starts producing the concertinas sold by Wheatstone, characterised by their riveted reeds.
1870~Edward Chidley is operating from Wheatstones Conduit St. premises as an 'Maker and Importer of Harmoniums,concertinas, etc.'.
Charles & Mary Ann Jeffries and family move to White Lion Passage, Edgware Road.
1873Lachenal change from ,'Mrs. Elizabeth Lachenal, Concertina Maker' to 'Lachenal & Co'.
1875Death of Charles Wheatstone.
1877~The Jeffries family move to 102 Praed Street.
1878Lachenal trade mark registered.
1884John Hill Maccann gains patent for his Duet system.
1885Alsepti and Ballinger register patent for the Bowing Valve.
1886jones 1886.gif (5K)
1889Lachenal 'Edeophone' design registered
1892~Jeffries business moves to 23 Praed Street. Charles & Mary Ann and some other family members are already living in the Kilburn area
1896Butterworth gains patent for 'Crane' Duet system.
1899Wheatstone produce first eight sided 'Aeola' design.
Death of Edward Chidley Snr. The firm of Wheatstone passes to his sons Edward and Percy.
1902 'The aeola, in its present form, was produced by my father in about 1902': K.V.Chidley writing c.1955
1905 Wheatstone move to 15, West Street,Charing Cross
1906Death of Charles Jeffries at Willesden.
Kenneth Chidley joins the family firm.
1907'JEDCertina' design registered
1910~'Jeffries Bros.' (Charles, William, George and Thomas) first appears in listings.
1919Death of Mary Ann Jeffries. The Jeffries business splits up shortly afterwards.
1924 K.V. Chidley takes over as Production Manager at Wheatstone.
1925~Charles Jeffries Junior is producing concertinas from his home at 12 Aldershot Road, Kilburn. They are stamped 'C.Jeffries' and often have a reversed 'N' in the address stamp.
1933Lachenal close down.
1938Listing for Jeffries Bros. 18, Lincoln Mews,Kilburn NW
1941Death of Edward Chidley Jnr. Some of the Wheatstone shareholding is acquired by Besson & Co.
1945/6 Wheatstone move manufacture to Frederick Close,Stanhope Place.
Sales premises remain at West St.
1948Besson acquired by Boosey & Hawkes.
1949Death of Percy Chidley
1951Wheatstone move manufacture to Ives St,Chelsea
1952International Concertina Association founded.
1953Death of Charles Jeffries Junior.
1955Wheatstone Mayfair model launched.
1956~Wheatstone move all operations to Ives St
1959Wheatstone move all operations to Duncan Terrace,Islington.
Thomas Jeffries operating from Willesden using the name 'Jeffries Bros.'
1960Wheatstone Sales finish
1961Boosey & Hawkes move Wheatstone manufacture to a workshop at Sonorous Works, Edgware, the main B & H Factory
1963Matusewich orders start for Wheatstone
1964Death of Kenneth Chidley.
Death of Thomas Jeffries
1974Wheatstone workshop scrapped by Boosey & Hawkes on death of Sid Watkins (December)
1975 Wheatstone Company Sold to Steve Dickinson in December
1980Death of Gifford Chidley
31st Dec: Name changed from C. Wheatstone and Company Limited to Boosey & Hawkes (Concertinas) Ltd
1981Death of Henry 'Harry' Crabb.
19903rd July: Boosey & Hawkes (Concertinas) Ltd company dissolved.
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