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Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Number of Buttons!

Welcome to our site. We are The New Camelot Concertina Band, a bunch of amateur musicians and concertina geeks, assisted by our soundman DJ Father Scrough.

On this site you will find some excerpts from our latest studio sessions, recorded live around a scrubbed pine table, in a rural corner of our beloved Somerset, with birds singing, cows mooing and the distant rumbles of the A303 and Denzil's muckspreader. We hope you will enjoy them. But then again, we couldn't care less if you don't, because we do this stuff for our own enjoyment and are determined to continue to produce our own brand of politically incorrect music - like faggots in gravy, a lump of proper bread, a hunk of decent Cheddar and a pint of rough cider after a day out shooting vermin.

If you only believe in Nouveau Politicians, and a shrink wrapped feta and basil salad with a double caramel latte after a visit to the health spa, you need to leave right now!

So after that, its on with the peasants' musical revolt ....

A Somerset Anthem

A fairly gentle introduction. But on the second time through, you'll start to get a feeling of the mayhem of our playing.
Yes Veronica, you are right to be frightened - that was a Fuzz-Wah pedal.


This was Thomas Hardy's favourite tune, but perhaps not the way we play it. The only Enrico we ever knew worked in little restaurant up the Cheddar Gorge, so we've tried to make the tune a little more like its namesake. Our soundman, DJ Father Scrough, was out walking his dog, so we played with his knobs, and he sulked and refused to edit it any further. But who needs spindoctors? This is the original, in a single take, and with a single concertina (Lachenal Anglo) and no soundman!.

The Lost Chord

Composed by Sir Arthur Sullivan in 1877. It was used by the Honri family as their signature tune - blasted out regally on Maccann Duet while the audiences sang along. So we'd like to dedicate this to Percy and Peter Honri, as well as the late lamented Reuben Shaw, and the ever youthful John Nixon.
Geek quiz: List the Manufacturer and Type of each instrument heard.

Chorale from Bach's Christmas Oratorio

This is the original arrangement, but for a little taster of the influence in Somerset of Micheal Eavis's occasional diversification from dairy into farming rows of hippy-hoppies, hear our high energy dance mix version from DJ Father Scrough's Family Album known as 'The OK Chorale'. 'That'll get the milk flowing.' said Denzil.

Ride of The Valkyries

Denzil said this tune was about a Wagner, which is a small bird like a snipe. But since none of us have ever shot one, we don't know any more about it. Denzil also said that this was his favourite, since it 'minded 'e of the Countryside March on London.

Percussion provided by the Huish Episcopi Light Infantry Orchestra, conducted by Eli.

One More?... OK, then!

The Engulfed Cathederal - Debussy

This was really difficult. It reminds us of the levels in flood around Muchelney. Father Scrough said he wanted something a bit like Hendrix, but we couldn't find him in our Oxford Spotters Book of Composers. When he described what he was after, this was the only thing we could think of. After he had added his Octi-viders, FuzzWahs, and Echoplexes, Father Scrough didn't even want to add a drum track. 'Epic!' was all he could say.

The background image is of an Elver Poachers' Harpooning Rig on the River Parret at sunset. ©2006 Riporf-Brown, Banksy & Bliar Enterprises.